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2022 Christmas, New Year's Eve & Day Meals

A quick catch-up on holiday meals going into 2022. Happy New Year! New Year's Day: Champagne and caviar brunch. New Year's Eve: Chinese hot pot with ribeye, half shell scallops, abalone, tilapia, shri...

2021 Easter Dinner: Game Birds

Some old world cooking themes for our Easter dinner with lots of birds - roast pheasant with leeks, cassoulet with duck confit and butter braised parsnips. I also got a couple little squab hens and tr...

2021 Mardi Gras

Hope those of you without power are warm and safe. Strangely, our weather has shot up into the 50s today up here.

Still, it is our day of days, the most Tuesday of Tuesdays. Yes? Yes.

I've finally...

2020 Christmas

I really enjoyed cooking this Christmas goose. It was at least 12lbs and I scored about 16 ounces of goose fat after the fat I incorporated back into side dishes. I did a salt rub like I would do fo...

2020 Thanksgiving

Obligatory turkey picture for Thanksgiving. Relatively simple sides:

  • Green bean casserole
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Fried Okra
  • Cream pie


2020 Mardi Gras

Psst. Pssssssst. It's that time again: our most Tuesday of Tuesdays. We've ordered our king cakes from a New Orleans bakery as usual, and decked out the house. A lovely breakfast of Eggs Sardou starte...

2020: Roast Beast for a New Year

A little roast beast as a first meal of the year. I finally had something to cook in this beautiful mega casket I picked up a few months ago - some portioned turkey. The roaster is ridiculous and bare...

2019 Easter

Happy Easter! To celebrate my return to the land of the (drink)ing, I sent for these made-to-order decanters from Italy, that arrived just in time on Friday. I WILL FILL THEM WITH DELICIOUS PETIT SYRA...