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The Distracted Hermit


Featured Series

  • Gin Tasting Notes - Reviews of gin, mostly with martinis in mind.
  • Champagne December, 2017 - Imported from the old Distracted Hermit site. 31 days of drinking champagne, every night.
  • Cooking - Cooking adventures in the hermit kitchen.
  • Mardi Gras - Feasts and thoughts on Mardi Gras, extending back to 2015.
  • Cherry Blossom Viewing Parties - Enjoying the blooms of our ornamental cherry tree every spring with feasts and sake, from 2020 onward.

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Not exhaustive; other tags overlap those below.

  • Food - All things food. May not always overlap with cooking.
  • Holidays - Feasts of all kinds, centered around holidays.
  • Cocktails - Posts including or discussing cocktails.
  • Travel - The Distracted Hermit sees the world, mostly discussing food, hotels, and great room service.
  • Tasting Notes - Misc reviews of other refreshments, generally alcoholic.
  • Archives - Old posts migrated from the original Distracted Hermit blog (pre-2018).
  • Seafood - Cooking and dining on seafood.
  • Tea and Tea Sessions - Peaceful moments savoring and exploring mostly Chinese tea and accessories.