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2021 Mardi Gras

Hope those of you without power are warm and safe. Strangely, our weather has shot up into the 50s today up here.

Still, it is our day of days, the most Tuesday of Tuesdays. Yes? Yes.

I've finally...

Golden Flowers Tea for a Cold

A bad cold has made me useless this weekend, but I brewed some good fu zhuan tea this morning that worked better than more cough syrup. "Golden flowers" (jin hua) fu tea is one of my favorite Chin...

2020 Christmas

I really enjoyed cooking this Christmas goose. It was at least 12lbs and I scored about 16 ounces of goose fat after the fat I incorporated back into side dishes. I did a salt rub like I would do fo...

Procrastination Ravioli

I'm supposed to be working on my python final projects, so of course I'm doing anything but, usually cooking Instead here's pumpkin ravioli with marsala scallops topped with white truffle oil mushroom...

2020 Thanksgiving

Obligatory turkey picture for Thanksgiving. Relatively simple sides:

  • Green bean casserole
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Fried Okra
  • Cream pie


Fragrant Boiled Fish

Sichuan fragrant spicy boiled fish is one of my favorite things to make. I'm using a premade seasoning packet, but I'm hoping to soon start it from scratch. The sizzling oil added as a garnish is deli...

Whiskey-Fried Bacon, Reprise

Whiskey-fried bacon: I forgot how much fun this recipe is! I haven't made it in years. I went back to my original - slow fry the bacon in continuous infusions of whiskey for 40 minutes, then drizzle i...

Procrastination Makes the Best Cooking

Me: (doing night classes) This final project is due, but it's dinner time. I could get away with a quick batch of Korean fried chicken--

Also me 1 hour later: Korean fried chicken, kimchi stew, bean...

Gin Tasting Notes: Empress Gin

Gin Tasting Note: I've seen lots of indigo gins, and Empress Gin is one of the cooler ones. The gorgeous indigo color is from butterfly pea flowers, the trick of indigo gins and cocktails. Very soft a...

Breakfast? Brunch? What is Time

Bacon and eggs for... Breakfast? Brunch? Who knows

Featured is Hammer & Sickle Vodka from Russia. I don't drink a lot of vodka, but I do lean toward this brand or some solid Absolut.